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Wine tasting in Tuscany -Villa di Campolungo best wine tasting and tours in Tuscany, Italy

Wine Tasting Sessions

With the world-famous wine-producing area of Chianti just a short drive away, we can easily arrange some tours, so you can discover some of Italy’s finest wines. This is a great opportunity to learn about the variety of grapes and the flavours they produce. You can learn about the area's rich history of wine-production which dates back centuries, and learn about the huge industry it has now become as one of the world's most popular wine producing districts.

But instead of sticking to the traditional vintages, these wine tasting sessions give you the chance to explore the newer trends in winemaking. You never know you might discover your new favourite wine. These sessions take your wine knowledge to another level, while getting to know Tuscany a little better. This is also a chance to see for yourselves the stunning vineyards in the heart of the countryside. You might even buy some wines to take home with you too.


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