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Italian sustainable agriculture -Villa di Campolungo sustainable farming in Tuscany, Italy

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We make our own organic extra-virgin olive oil at Villa di Campolungo. Samples are in every room, and guests are welcome to buy some. It is made exactly as it has been for centuries. It is grown in our groves at Villa di Campolungo, the olives are ripened by the Tuscan sun. Then once a year we harvest them, handpicking each olive.

They are then taken to a small specialised factory where they are ground and cold-pressed to squeeze out the flavour. The result? Is liquid gold. The finest and freshest olive oil. Villa di Campolungo is an environmentally friendly farmhouse. We want our impact on the environment to be minimal. For this reason our oil is organic, and grown on-site, so we can guarantee its quality. As part of our commitment to being a sustainable farmhouse, we grow our own vegetables. We have an area of the spacious gardens fenced to grow carrots, salad and the special local varieties of beans. Reusing our waste, we make our own compost, to feed the plants.

We also produce our own soaps using our special olive oil. The small is divine, and we hope you will like it too. Samples are found in every room for you to try. The soap is organic, locally made, and contains nothing but natural ingredients. There are no chemicals, preservatives or parabens which are found in most commercial products, and they are not animal tested. The oil and the soaps are available to buy as gifts, or simply to remind you of your time here at Villa di Campolungo.


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